The Mouse Pad is a young friendly knowledgeable group of information technology specialists whom have been providing local IT support services to all types of businesses and to private individuals throughout Savannah and the surrounding areas.

The Mouse Pad strives towards enabling clients to fully understand the technology that they are investing in and using in their day to day activities. We want our clients to enjoy the full use of the technology available to them in order to help them optimize their business operations and become industry leaders - however large or small their business may be.

Our personable approach has been one of the major factors consistent in our customer relations and has led to testimonials from clients who often use our services again. We were described as “Reliably Awesome” by one client; this is a label we constantly strive to live up to.

We are not constrained by the large corporate approach to business IT development where the constant replacement of technology is a preferred route. We prefer to place our efforts in carefully analyzing our clients' unique business models and the available technology before we start implementing solutions. This makes us reactive rather than ‘pre-active’ in our approach to problem solving; we like to see the horse firmly placed in front of the cart. Proper analysis and client communication are the foundations of our local IT support and custom solution processes. Only when we know what you need and want, will we suggest or deploy solutions.

We always use the latest proven technologies where possible but are happy to find ways to use or integrate whatever technologies are on hand. We are well aware of the operational dangers and costs of the constant upgrade process that many businesses suffer from. Our services are not aimed at revenue through hardware sales. We are focused on offering services that enable businesses to make optimal use of their technology and increase their productivity and revenue.

The Mouse Pad: Authorized Comcast Business Class Connector